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The World Needs More Pot and Mushrooms

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas Country Courtney and I stood in the parking lot of a Love’s gas station, drinking shitty coffee, when a man with a big black truck pulled up next to us. He pointed to the canoe on top of Courtney’s car.… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Pot and Mushrooms”

Covid Series: The World Needs More Humanity

Guest writer: Ellie Radford, Virginia I am quarantined in my little two bedroom townhouse in the little town of Radford, VA. At first it was just me and my cat Ringo here, but as this situation has gotten more serious, my boyfriend who lives… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Humanity”

Covid Series: The world Needs More Affection

Guest writer: Eli Crested Butte, Colorado The corona-virus came to Crested Butte, CO quite quickly, as it did for many communities around the country and the world. One day I was working as a cat-ski guide in a beautiful backcountry location, and the next… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The world Needs More Affection”

The World Needs More Stillness

In light of the COVID-19 Society Shutdown, our world is being asked to stay still. Across the United States bars, schools, and restaurants are closed for two weeks. Sports tournaments, festivals, and community gatherings over 100+ are canceled. We are asked (told, ordered?) by… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Stillness”

The World Needs More Food Waste Policy

Every Tuesday I go to Bounty and Soul in Black Mountain, North Carolina, a non-profit that provides free produce to the community, as well as wellness education. The food is excess and would be thrown away, but is instead donated by companies like Trader… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Food Waste Policy”

The World Needs More Benches

What does the world needs more of? “Benches.” “Benches?” “Benches are awesome,” he nodded. He asked me to construct a bench in his honor when he dies. “Not a boring, regular wooden bench with a plaque,” he shook his head. “An epic bench, like… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Benches”

The World Needs More Community Gardens

I drove through the yellow hills of California on a clear skied day, which is most days in the summer months. I picked up an old friend from his parent’s house. He put his suitcase in my trunk, gave his dad a hug, and… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Community Gardens”

The World Needs More Funny Fuckers

This is an ode to the funny fuckers out there, who meet my question with a serious devotion to humor. Some of my favorite one liners: “What do you think the world needs more of?” “More coffee beans and cocoa beans.” (laughter) “I’m serious.… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Funny Fuckers”

What Is “The” World You Wonder About

The anarchist within QUESTIONS EVERYTHING Including myself. What does the world need more of? Which world am I talking about? My multi-faceted personality denies the possibility of one world At times I prefer the world of the woods But there are afternoons when I… Continue Reading “What Is “The” World You Wonder About”