Covid Series: The World Needs More Humanity

Guest writer: Ellie Radford, Virginia

I am quarantined in my little two bedroom townhouse in the little town of Radford, VA. At first it was just me and my cat Ringo here, but as this situation has gotten more serious, my boyfriend who lives in the very metro area of Charlotte, NC and is now out of work due to the pandemic has come up here to ride out the storm with me. I’ve converted my dining room into a home office, as the IO psychology master’s program that brought me to Radford in the first place is still, remotely, in full swing. I am leaving the house about once a week to get groceries, but as the warm spring air begins to flow back into the chilly new river valley, I hope to get outside more. 

While most of my time is spent behind my laptop trying to be productive, I spend all of my time trying to stay sane. I am a person who thoroughly enjoys spontaneity, however, I’ve found myself clinging on to a routine lately, as that is what makes things feel as normal as possible. When my mental health has weakened in the past, I have lost my sense of reality, I have lost my sense of accountability, and more significantly, I have lost my sense of who I am and why I’m here on this earth.

As the late and great Mac Miller once said,

“I’m a hostage in my own world // And my thoughts my own enemy, got no time for these bitches.”

When you’re stuck in your own bubble, mentally, and/or how most of us are now, physically, it’s easy to let that bubble spiral into the uncharted, and sometimes ugly, depths of the unknown.

It’s even easier to forget that, while we are simmering in our internality, there is a whole world out there filled with bubbles full of everyone you know and everyone you don’t, living with the struggles you know of and the struggles you don’t. 

This outbreak has certainly brought out the cruelness in many people, and in light of that, I think the world needs more humanity.

Why must we result to such inhumane thoughts and behaviors when things get hard?

Why can’t we, individually and collectively, understand the basic ethics of altruism, derived from the human condition, and operationalize this in compassion and love towards not just the people we know but to everyone in the world?

Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Show more compassion to those who are struggling right now. Vibrate love from every fiber of your being. Be kind, to everything and everyone, for no reason but for the greater good of the world! 

If you are feeling down like I am during this time, remember the law of attraction is always at work. We have the ability to bring whatever we are focusing on into our lives. All thoughts turn into things eventually, so let that thing be humanity.

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