The World Needs More Funny Fuckers

This is an ode to the funny fuckers out there, who meet my question with a serious devotion to humor.

Some of my favorite one liners:

“What do you think the world needs more of?”

“More coffee beans and cocoa beans.” (laughter) “I’m serious. I hear the world is running out of em, and I need that shit every day.”

“More bad DJs to make the rest of us look good.”

“More fresh cookies.” (pause, point around the room) ” Right now, I don’t have any cookies.”

“More bananas! Or monkeys? Our rain forests are depleting.”

“More heroin!” (said with middle finger in the air and a big smile. I asked what they thought that might bring to the world?) “More people that are high and less dead people from overdosing…man, fuck Fentanyl.”

“More Jesus Christ, damnit!”

“More pizza, more music and…my mind went to Laffy Taffy’s, but I don’t believe that. Dogs.”

“More weirdos! The good kind of weirdos.” (he was riding a bicycle haphazardly while reading a book.)

“Less pansyasses!” (What about what the world needs MORE of?) “I stand by what I said.”

“Love, sweet loooove.” (followed by absolute refusal to stop singing the song “What The World Needs Now Is Love” by Jackie DeShannon)

“More questions. Did you hear me? WHAT?” (smirk)

“I don’t care, don’t ask me.” (this one falls more under the fuckers side, still funny.)

“More people picking up their dog’s shit! Wait…that was kind of metaphorical.”

“More casual sex. But then there might be more STDs…fuck. I don’t know.”

“More time to think!” (they excused themselves to the bathroom and never returned.)

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