What Is “The” World You Wonder About

The anarchist within


Including myself.

What does the world need more of?

Which world am I talking about?

My multi-faceted personality denies the possibility of one world

At times I prefer the world of the woods

But there are afternoons when I don’t leave my bedroom

And for a moment, it becomes my world

Until I dive deep into a province on the page,

Where a character’s challenge can weigh on my heart

As much as my own world

Of internal battles of comparison.

So when I wonder about the world

I acknowledge there is no such thing as “the” world

There’s your perspective and mine,

Theirs and ours.

This divided world of

Doctors and patients,

Tax collectors and tax payers,

Teachers and students

Employed and the unemployed

Is exactly what I am digging at

It is here that I am searching for the WE.

The collective experience of what it feels like to be alive.

When I ask what the world needs more of

I’m not just wondering about the human

Man made industrial and synthetic society.

I’m considering the oceanic depth

As much as the death of our rainforests.

I’m calling on all creatures

Who roam and wander.

Yet who can speak for the unspeakable?

A tree’s world gives life to mine.

And is no less considerable than that of a bee.

So what is it we all need?

And how can we begin to balance our needs in opposition?

Our confliction for the same needs

Of comfort, safety, and regeneration.

What the world needs more of is perhaps just


Humans need no more love than the animals approaching extinction.

We’re all entinguishing ourselves if we disconnect

From the universal life source.

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