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Tipi Tales: Winter

What do you think it would be like to live in a tipi through the winter? If you had asked me this question three months ago when I was living in a non-insulated, non 4WD van without snow tires or a steady place to… Continue Reading “Tipi Tales: Winter”

The Fun Scale on Misty Island

Ever heard of type two fun? It’s the kind of adventure that you look back on and laugh, and every time you tell the story it gets better and better. Overtime, the story may become a fond memory. Some might call it a misadventure.… Continue Reading “The Fun Scale on Misty Island”

The World Needs More Mental Health Services

In 2019, I lived in a small cowboy town in Mexico known on the map as Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon but known internationally to climbers as Potrero Chico. While sitting in the famous El Buho coffee shop that overlooks the canyon walls, I interviewed a… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Mental Health Services”

We Live in a Van Now

How did we decide to live in a van? Funny story. We met three women in their fifties and sixties who owned a horse farm in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere between the Colorado and Utah border. “Come live with us,” they said. “We’ll… Continue Reading “We Live in a Van Now”

I Quit My First Solo Bikepacking Trip

Since the close of 2021 (The Year of The Bike!), I have been sitting next to the wood stove in my house, reading through all of my journals over the last year. Occasionally pausing to trudge through my yard, which is sparkling with a… Continue Reading “I Quit My First Solo Bikepacking Trip”

Bikepacking Diaries 009: You Can’t Trust Every Rainbow As A Good Sign

Read Day One:(Bikepacking Diaireis 008) to catch up on our bicycle trip so far. After a sleepless night of cold rain, we woke up to loud wind rattling the tarp above us. It annoyed me to no end, all I wanted to do was… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 009: You Can’t Trust Every Rainbow As A Good Sign”

Bikepacking Diaries 008: What’s The Point Of A One Nighter?

“What’s the point of only going out for one night?” Ian grumbled as we sipped hot coffee from the comfort of our couch. “There might be lessons for us. Who knows!” I grinned, eager to get outside. “This could be the trip where I… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 008: What’s The Point Of A One Nighter?”

Bikepacking Diaries 007: Is That A Real Bike?

The last thirteen miles of our trip were a gift from Bryce Canyon National Park. In the trees away from the road hid a beautifully paved two lane bike path. We exited the skinny shoulder of the road and left the passing cars behind.… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 007: Is That A Real Bike?”

Bikepacking Diaries 006: A Hump Day Breakdown

“I hate pedaling on pavement,” I muttered, throwing my bike down and sitting in what little shade the bushes offered. Ensue rant: This is dangerous and stupid. American roads were made by bastards. Why is there no shoulder? Heaven forbid a bicycle lane be… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 006: A Hump Day Breakdown”

Bikepacking Diaries 005: Pavement State of Mind

“Pavement is a good place to get into a strong mental space,” Ian said. “I’ve worked through a lot of inner conflict on pavement.” Yeah yeah yeah, Yogi Yoda bike shit, sure. My reaction to the steady uphill, steep and grueling in the rising… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 005: Pavement State of Mind”