Tag: What Does the World Need More Of?

Tipi Tales: Winter

What do you think it would be like to live in a tipi through the winter? If you had asked me this question three months ago when I was living in a non-insulated, non 4WD van without snow tires or a steady place to… Continue Reading “Tipi Tales: Winter”

The Fun Scale on Misty Island

Ever heard of type two fun? It’s the kind of adventure that you look back on and laugh, and every time you tell the story it gets better and better. Overtime, the story may become a fond memory. Some might call it a misadventure.… Continue Reading “The Fun Scale on Misty Island”

The World Needs More Mental Health Services

In 2019, I lived in a small cowboy town in Mexico known on the map as Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon but known internationally to climbers as Potrero Chico. While sitting in the famous El Buho coffee shop that overlooks the canyon walls, I interviewed a… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Mental Health Services”

Bikepacking Diaries 008: What’s The Point Of A One Nighter?

“What’s the point of only going out for one night?” Ian grumbled as we sipped hot coffee from the comfort of our couch. “There might be lessons for us. Who knows!” I grinned, eager to get outside. “This could be the trip where I… Continue Reading “Bikepacking Diaries 008: What’s The Point Of A One Nighter?”

The World Needs More Free Lemonade

What does the world need more of? The world needs more free lemonade. It needs random acts of kindness, more costumes and meaningful conversation with strangers. We brought it all to the desert outside of Moab, Utah. My banana business partner Country Courtney joined… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Free Lemonade”

The World Needs More Pot and Mushrooms

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas Country Courtney and I stood in the parking lot of a Love’s gas station, drinking shitty coffee, when a man with a big black truck pulled up next to us. He pointed to the canoe on top of Courtney’s car.… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Pot and Mushrooms”

My First Week Working in Wilderness Therapy

In one week of wilderness therapy, I saw over twenty shooting stars from my sleeping bag.  Like clockwork, I was awoken by worried whispers at 3am, by a student who needed to go to the bathroom.  Each day I watched the snow melt off… Continue Reading “My First Week Working in Wilderness Therapy”

Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!”

We need to immerse ourselves in wild spaces- frequently and admirably. Outwardly praising beauty is healthy for hearts. In our day to do lives, we need to say “WOAH!” more often. This past weekend Outdoor Alex and I (WilderBeth) backpacked in the beautiful Pisgah… Continue Reading “Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!””

Covid Series: The World Needs More Raw Resiliency

Guest writer: Diana San Francisco, California This time is unprecedented. We are in a constant state of grief in some ways. We are grieving our old ways of life, our time with others, and for some the biggest grieving of all, the deaths of… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Raw Resiliency”

Covid Series: The World Needs More Collaboration

Asheville, North Carolina Oh baby covid! You are shaking and rattling life as we know it. These days, it is best to pee in a bottle in your car. You can’t trust gas station restrooms- they are disease ridden! For some van life/car life… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Collaboration”