What’s Your 5 Year Plan?

What’s my plan?

In five years, I hope to still be drinking a lot of water.

That answer doesn’t satisfy you like a sip after a run, a gulp on a hot hike, or a chug before a multi-pitch.

Your thirst for the future cannot be quenched.

My love for the present rains on your question.

You want to know of my career aspirations, relational goals and life direction.

You think I am not telling you about myself

When I say I want to drink water.

What I mean by wanting to drink water is that

I plan to protect our natural resources, each day, for the next five years.

And the five after that.

For as long as I live on this planet

I will be a lover of clean water,

An educator for leaving earth better than we found it,

A marveler of white water,

A wanderer to waterfalls,

A guardian of our oceans and

An advocate for living with nature.

Not against it.

If my tears could regenerate the soil,

I would weep.

Regarding conservation, my words are my weapons

And my pen a sword

Sharp enough to cut through the bullshit

Loud enough to call on the people to act

In a way that cleanses our past

And serves our future.

To you, my interviewer: I pour you a glass of pure water

And invite you to drink with me.

May we have this privilege in five years.

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