Time As A Puddle

Consider for a moment:

Time as a puddle.

And our own distraction as the sun.

Mindlessly hot, we absorb the water molecules one at a time.

A tedious process if we were to watch each drop evaporate.

The sun has other things to do!

Bigger, more important tasks

Like giving plants oxygen,

Which serves life.

It cannot be bothered to notice mundane details such as evaporation.

It is not long before the puddle is gone,

Sucked into oblivion.

Perhaps unnoticed by the busy sun.

Not missed by the all important sun,

For there will be more puddles to come, probably.

The sun assumes.

The sun consumes.

Consider now, the rain to be our love.

May we pour our attention on others freely

Soaking all souls who roam under our skies.

Let our love linger for days after our storm.

Allow the canyons to collect,

The reservoirs to rejoice,

And the puddles to pool once again.

Let our love wash away the debris of a cluttered mind.

Rinse the hands of the guilty

Cleanse the eyes which have seen death

And flood the hearts holding onto despair.

Let our puddles be of importance,

Not something we avoid for fear of our feet getting wet.

Not something we wish away for desire

And certainly not something we allow to be mindlessly absorbed.

For our time is our greatest gift to give.

Our puddle will inevitably dry up.

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