Covid Series: The World Needs More Community Action

Guest writer: Delaney Charlotte, North Carolina

I am currently quarantined in a 5 bedroom stone cottage. The streets outside still bustle with activity as Charlotte is filled with gym going junkies with gym withdrawal. Everyone is biking, running, and walking along with all variety of pups. It’s always entertaining to people watch and see how people’s dogs really are an animal embodiment of their owner. Even a body builder with a small lap dog can still resemble each other. 

When you walk into the front door of my stone cottage, you will see the orange couches along the walls, the insanely large TV playing multiple video games, two gaming chairs sprawled all over the room, and funko pops as far as the eye can see. We got Star Wars, Frozen, Jurassic Park, and Gears of War style funko pops. Each are displayed with one another, so if a Toy Story incident happens, they are not among strangers. We have my puppers, Woody, always sprawled on one of the couches with his tail thumping up and down. As you continue through the house you see clothes sprawled from the random quarantine sex. You find hoops all over the house from the stoney baloney flows. All the windows are open so the air of the world comes in to rejuvenate us. 

We are full on quarantined. If you have been around people and not been quarantined for at least 10 days, then you are not allowed into our household. Many who feel that this is not as serious as it is, are saying we are being dramatic. I mean, better safe than sorry.

Also, who doesn’t love the excuse to just lay around the house and think “okay, what do I want to do now?” instead of falling into the tasks of everyday life that you always feel obligated to complete, even when they are unnecessary.

Last time I went to the grocery store was over two weeks ago. I have not experienced normal day life since before Okeechobee Music Festival (March 5-8).

I have been knitting a blanket and a scarf. I forgot how amazing it feels to create something of use and it be truly your work. Plus, Woody literally tries to lay in the blanket while I am creating it, so I know it is appreciated. 

I have been juggling multiple video games to the point I am almost overwhelmed with all story plot lines. I do highly recommend Animal Crossings to anyone who ever wants to create their own town on a vacant island and have other humans come view their artistic handiwork. 

I have been getting back into spinning my hula hoop on fire after my ACL surgery. You will see Marc and I in our backyard while I am spinning to practice. Becoming more and more comfortable with an element of our earth is really empowering and shows you even more control over your body. I begin to have even more respect to the earth as it provides you with these elements to work with. 

Financially, everyone in my household is perfectly fine. I know we are very lucky to not have to stress and want to help anyone who needs additional resources, food, medical assistance, toiletries and so on and so forth. We even came up with a trading system for friends here in Charlotte to create a form of sustainable economy during these chaotic times.

Socially, it is insane how much virtual communication has been emphasized where I almost feel more close with people who are wanting to just talk for hours. It makes my heart warm to talk with so many individuals that I find so important in my life but our schedules never lined up.

I am starting to see more of the good in this as the bad can really engulf you. The bad is that you can’t see people in person and we don’t know when this is going to end. The bad is that you see so many people dying, unemployed, struggling mentally, and it’s all out of your control. Working to find the good can be hard, but it is a means of survival. 

We need more human compassion and understanding. I saw two individuals start fighting in the ABC store line due to the lack of compassion….it is mind boggling.

You still see hate on the internet even though we are all in this together.

We need more community action to help each other. Help mow each others yard, go grocery shopping for each other, lend each other things we need, just be an ear for someone who needs to vent, and sharing foods and meals.

We need more community driving/carpool. More attention to one another instead of only through technology. We need genuine human connection. I feel the lack of that in these times will help drive it full on when we are able to interact with humans again. That is what life is: energy and connection. 

I want to give a huge shout out to this project and to Beth in general for being an awesome beautiful being who allows people to express their raw selves. This project assisted me in being able to put feelings and situations out on a page to help process. Whoot Whoot! Real MVP! My mental health declined for a bit but is now moving back to a better position after processing everything going on. The negativity of the world is very significant right now, you are allowed to feel these feelings but don’t let it consume you. 

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