Phone alone

In the city we sit,

Gathered inside

Our well lit homes.

The walls control the climate for our comfort.

Dry, high, communicate- we try.

In a room full of people,

I feel alone.

When I notice I’m the one without a phone.

Detached eyes

Remain glassy and fixed.

Immersed in a virtual world they have created.

More of interest to them

Than the world we sit in.

Mind out of body,

Social yet isolated.

Abandoned conversations,

Avoided eye contact,


In a room full of people who seem

Unattached to the shared space.


Oh how grateful I feel

For my woodland friends!

Who walk and whisper,

Climb and cry.

We gather among the trees

Without anywhere to plug in,

Except to ourselves.

Dependent we become on each other

For stories, for warmth, for motivation.

We notice, stop, share and stare

The day time moon

Is marveled at together.

We open ourselves up

To connectivity.

Our presence is our gift.

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