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My Worth Is In The Wilderness

I know my shadow better than my reflection. I don’t recognize my hands without dirt in the creases, Illuminating the lines and patterns of my palms. I see myself in the context of this meadow: small, yet influential. I watch my feet step over… Continue Reading “My Worth Is In The Wilderness”

Wealth Is Wilderness

What is wealth? In my world of backpacking, wealth is warmth. Wealth is a campsite all to yourself. Wealth is time with the wilderness. Wealth is taking more than a day trip. It is a week to four months to a life immersed in… Continue Reading “Wealth Is Wilderness”

Phone alone

In the city we sit, Gathered inside Our well lit homes. The walls control the climate for our comfort. Dry, high, communicate- we try. In a room full of people, I feel alone. When I notice I’m the one without a phone. Detached eyes… Continue Reading “Phone alone”

Like a Tree

My hope is to approach you The same way I would a tree: With curiosity. Your roots are of interest to me, Your invisible support system Crucial to your current state of growth. While I yearn to know you, Define you I cannot. For… Continue Reading “Like a Tree”