Tag: Poetry

What’s Your 5 Year Plan?

What’s my plan? In five years, I hope to still be drinking a lot of water. That answer doesn’t satisfy you like a sip after a run, a gulp on a hot hike, or a chug before a multi-pitch. Your thirst for the future… Continue Reading “What’s Your 5 Year Plan?”

What Is “The” World You Wonder About

The anarchist within QUESTIONS EVERYTHING Including myself. What does the world need more of? Which world am I talking about? My multi-faceted personality denies the possibility of one world At times I prefer the world of the woods But there are afternoons when I… Continue Reading “What Is “The” World You Wonder About”

A Day At The Crag

A day at the crag Is a gift to the soul. A connecting experience Of rock and body, Mind and spirit. A day under the sun Fills me with a joy that is peaceful And a mind that is sharp. The challenge is contagious.… Continue Reading “A Day At The Crag”

A Nomad’s Heart

A nomad’s heart Is easy to win, Hard to keep. A nomad’s eyes Wide open, Searching and deep. A nomad’s feet Cracked and worn, No shoes can keep. A nomad’s soul Curious and kind With an expanding mind. A nomad’s intention: To live with… Continue Reading “A Nomad’s Heart”