Social Distancing

Our interconnected hearts

Mourn separation. 

We need each other.

We rely on one another.

We find solace in our communities. 

Social distancing

Brings fear and despair,

Loneliness and pain,

If we let it. 

Fragility and necessity

Are in question now. 

What have we built? 

What jobs are essential to our survival and 

What can we rid from our lives?

Addictive work,

Habitual waste,

Perpetual motion,

And chronic entertainment 

For the sake of avoidance 

From our own loneliness. 

In the midst of distancing ourselves socially, 

Let us embrace the closeness 

We can cultivate with ourselves.

Let us celebrate this gift of time to go inward.

Let us surrender

To the boredom in order to

Welcome the creativity and





In the absence of excess

What remains?

In the presence of ourselves,

What keeps us sane? 

In our agreement to isolate,

We zoom out and see

How we are now unified

In our intention to separate 

For the safety of humanity.

My heart yearns for this

Large scale organization

And intentional action to be applied

To the safety of our planet.

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