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Covid Series: The World Needs More Yoga

Guest Writer Josh Brooklyn, New York I’m in NYC baby. The epicenter of this whole thing. I couldn’t be in a worse spot unless I was in fucking Wuhan.  I’m kidding. Mostly. It’s really not so bad. I’m in Bushwick. Well, technically I’m in… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Yoga”

Covid Series: The World Needs More Acceptance

Guest writer: Laura from Bedford, Virginia I think that that the world needs more acceptance.  That, and critical thinkers. I started my quarantine ten days ago as soon as I pulled into the driveway after completing my drive home from Colorado. I crawled into… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Acceptance”

Covid Series: The World Needs More Listening

Guest writer: Casey Melbourne, Australia Coming at you live from Melbourne, Australia with a good ole fashion quarantine update!  I’m currently on day 11 of not leaving my house. On March 11th I went over to New Zealand with plans to stay until the… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Listening”

The World Needs More Stillness

In light of the COVID-19 Society Shutdown, our world is being asked to stay still. Across the United States bars, schools, and restaurants are closed for two weeks. Sports tournaments, festivals, and community gatherings over 100+ are canceled. We are asked (told, ordered?) by… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Stillness”

Social Distancing

Our interconnected hearts Mourn separation.  We need each other. We rely on one another. We find solace in our communities.  Social distancing Brings fear and despair, Loneliness and pain, If we let it.  Fragility and necessity Are in question now.  What have we built? … Continue Reading “Social Distancing”