Category: Poetry

Time As A Puddle

Consider for a moment: Time as a puddle. And our own distraction as the sun. Mindlessly hot, we absorb the water molecules one at a time. A tedious process if we were to watch each drop evaporate. The sun has other things to do!… Continue Reading “Time As A Puddle”

What’s Your 5 Year Plan?

What’s my plan? In five years, I hope to still be drinking a lot of water. That answer doesn’t satisfy you like a sip after a run, a gulp on a hot hike, or a chug before a multi-pitch. Your thirst for the future… Continue Reading “What’s Your 5 Year Plan?”

What Is “The” World You Wonder About

The anarchist within QUESTIONS EVERYTHING Including myself. What does the world need more of? Which world am I talking about? My multi-faceted personality denies the possibility of one world At times I prefer the world of the woods But there are afternoons when I… Continue Reading “What Is “The” World You Wonder About”

A Day At The Crag

A day at the crag Is a gift to the soul. A connecting experience Of rock and body, Mind and spirit. A day under the sun Fills me with a joy that is peaceful And a mind that is sharp. The challenge is contagious.… Continue Reading “A Day At The Crag”

A Nomad’s Heart

A nomad’s heart Is easy to win, Hard to keep. A nomad’s eyes Wide open, Searching and deep. A nomad’s feet Cracked and worn, No shoes can keep. A nomad’s soul Curious and kind With an expanding mind. A nomad’s intention: To live with… Continue Reading “A Nomad’s Heart”

Long Distance Friend

Hello to my world wide pals! My long distance friends, Who never hold my absence against me. Who welcome my presence,  Whenever and wherever I pop up. Who allow time to pass without judgement, Without resentment, Without irritation. Thank you oh stable ones, Who… Continue Reading “Long Distance Friend”