We Are The Light

Why are we here?

We came to learn.

Avoid the urge to yearn for another’s talent.

What you see in front of you may include:

Graceful skill,

Poetic dance,

Fierce confidence, or

Kindred rhythm.

Do them no disservice

By wishing you had what they show.

For they found their flow in

Hidden hours of practice and

Days of discipline.

They familiarized themselves with frustration,

Yet maintained internal motivation.

The master you perceive

Mastered neither time nor skill,

But their own thoughts of self doubt.

When you observe the expert in their expertise,

Absorb what they can teach.

But above all:

Lift them up.

Praise their practice,

And decide to dedicate yourself too.

Let their flame invigorate you

To light your own path.

Forward momentum is

Measured with passion, not progress.

Forward momentum is not

Dependent on your neighbor’s pace.

For their path may be paved,

While yours is steep and rocky.

For their path may be ancient,

While yours is newly discovered.

Resist the urge to judge yourself

For comparison is the thief of joy.

Focus instead on

Your heart’s inner guide.

Where you are going matters

Less than how you get there.

Are you willing

To walk in the the rain?

Would you smile, or complain?

Are you the kind of person

Who would ask for directions?

Are you the person with the map?

Will you share?

Do you care?

Do you perceive your path

As separate from others?

In competiton with others?

Laid out before you by others?

In conjunction with others?

Do you look back?

Give back?

Do you pack a snack?

Will you feast upon collaboration,

Indulge in inspiration,

Devour devotion?

Will you nibble away negativity?

Can you swallow your pride

To realize

We need each other to rise.

To dive into the collective

Is our most effective

Way to bloom.

We are the light each other needs.

Some collaborative flow art videos:

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