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I Quit My First Solo Bikepacking Trip

Since the close of 2021 (The Year of The Bike!), I have been sitting next to the wood stove in my house, reading through all of my journals over the last year. Occasionally pausing to trudge through my yard, which is sparkling with a… Continue Reading “I Quit My First Solo Bikepacking Trip”

Wealth Is Wilderness

What is wealth? In my world of backpacking, wealth is warmth. Wealth is a campsite all to yourself. Wealth is time with the wilderness. Wealth is taking more than a day trip. It is a week to four months to a life immersed in… Continue Reading “Wealth Is Wilderness”

WilderWoman Wednesday: Meet Jenna An Empathic Adventurer

Jenna started volunteering as a firefighter when she turned fourteen years old, the earliest age you are eligible to volunteer in the state of Connecticut. Her dream of fighting fires formed when she was twelve, when she watched in horror as her childhood crush’s… Continue Reading “WilderWoman Wednesday: Meet Jenna An Empathic Adventurer”

WilderWoman Wednesday: Meet Jess An Empathic Adventurer

The WilderWomen Wednesday series celebrates women who are kicking ass in the outdoors.

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I Hiked a 14ER With All Women And Why That Matters

I summited my first fourteener with two badass wilderwomen.  Lexi, my new roommate, and I drove over 200 miles to surprise my best friend: Country Courtney.  I wore a wizard’s costume and Lexi wore a rainbow clown wig when we pulled up to her… Continue Reading “I Hiked a 14ER With All Women And Why That Matters”