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The World Needs More Mental Health Services

In 2019, I lived in a small cowboy town in Mexico known on the map as Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon but known internationally to climbers as Potrero Chico. While sitting in the famous El Buho coffee shop that overlooks the canyon walls, I interviewed a… Continue Reading “The World Needs More Mental Health Services”

My Worth Is In The Wilderness

I know my shadow better than my reflection. I don’t recognize my hands without dirt in the creases, Illuminating the lines and patterns of my palms. I see myself in the context of this meadow: small, yet influential. I watch my feet step over… Continue Reading “My Worth Is In The Wilderness”

My First Week Working in Wilderness Therapy

In one week of wilderness therapy, I saw over twenty shooting stars from my sleeping bag.  Like clockwork, I was awoken by worried whispers at 3am, by a student who needed to go to the bathroom.  Each day I watched the snow melt off… Continue Reading “My First Week Working in Wilderness Therapy”