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A Desert Soul

“You’re such a desert soul,” he said. What does that mean? Up until now I have been a mountain momma. I suppose I’m growing into new love, Expanding what I consider to be beautiful: Curvaceous rocks and hairy cacti, Twisty juniper bark and their… Continue Reading “A Desert Soul”

Holy Sweeping Vista

Holy Sweeping Vista! Your expansive nature And your winding ways Bulge my eyes and lifts my spirit. Your peaks allow me to perceive magic And ponder your years. Who are we to you? Creatures of movement and waste, Creatures of judgement and haste? Even… Continue Reading “Holy Sweeping Vista”

Like a Tree

My hope is to approach you The same way I would a tree: With curiosity. Your roots are of interest to me, Your invisible support system Crucial to your current state of growth. While I yearn to know you, Define you I cannot. For… Continue Reading “Like a Tree”