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Covid Series: The World Needs More Collaboration

Asheville, North Carolina Oh baby covid! You are shaking and rattling life as we know it. These days, it is best to pee in a bottle in your car. You can’t trust gas station restrooms- they are disease ridden! For some van life/car life… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Collaboration”

Covid Series: The World Needs More Patience

Guest writer: Carleigh Richmond, Virginia I take care of sick people for a living. I have held hands of those that were dying. I have celebrated with those receiving another chance at life. I have seen people on their worst days and their best.… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The World Needs More Patience”

Covid Series: A Month Of Self Isolation

Guest writer: Madeline Squamish, Canada Guns, Germs and Feels: An Account from One Month of Self Isolation Self isolation. Quarantine. Quarantini. Bored in a house in a house bored. Novel virus. StayHome. Exponentially increasing. Flatten the curve. Flatten the curve. The curve. My brain… Continue Reading “Covid Series: A Month Of Self Isolation”