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I Hiked a 14ER With All Women And Why That Matters

I summited my first fourteener with two badass wilderwomen.  Lexi, my new roommate, and I drove over 200 miles to surprise my best friend: Country Courtney.  I wore a wizard’s costume and Lexi wore a rainbow clown wig when we pulled up to her… Continue Reading “I Hiked a 14ER With All Women And Why That Matters”

Covid Series: The world Needs More Affection

Guest writer: Eli Crested Butte, Colorado The corona-virus came to Crested Butte, CO quite quickly, as it did for many communities around the country and the world. One day I was working as a cat-ski guide in a beautiful backcountry location, and the next… Continue Reading “Covid Series: The world Needs More Affection”