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The Fun Scale on Misty Island

Ever heard of type two fun? It’s the kind of adventure that you look back on and laugh, and every time you tell the story it gets better and better. Overtime, the story may become a fond memory. Some might call it a misadventure.… Continue Reading “The Fun Scale on Misty Island”

Meet Magdalena: An Empathic Adventurer

On a whim, Magdalena decided to hike the John Muir Trail.  She entered the forest as a backpacker, and left as a first responder, doing everything she could to save a man’s life.   For some people, hiking the JMT is a lifelong dream.  With… Continue Reading “Meet Magdalena: An Empathic Adventurer”

Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!”

We need to immerse ourselves in wild spaces- frequently and admirably. Outwardly praising beauty is healthy for hearts. In our day to do lives, we need to say “WOAH!” more often. This past weekend Outdoor Alex and I (WilderBeth) backpacked in the beautiful Pisgah… Continue Reading “Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!””