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Meet Magdalena: An Empathic Adventurer

On a whim, Magdalena decided to hike the John Muir Trail.  She entered the forest as a backpacker, and left as a first responder, doing everything she could to save a man’s life.   For some people, hiking the JMT is a lifelong dream.  With… Continue Reading “Meet Magdalena: An Empathic Adventurer”

Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!”

We need to immerse ourselves in wild spaces- frequently and admirably. Outwardly praising beauty is healthy for hearts. In our day to do lives, we need to say “WOAH!” more often. This past weekend Outdoor Alex and I (WilderBeth) backpacked in the beautiful Pisgah… Continue Reading “Nature Teaches Us To Say: “WOAH!””