My Worth Is In The Wilderness

I know my shadow better than my reflection. I don’t recognize my hands without dirt in the creases, Illuminating the lines and patterns of my palms. I see myself in the context of this meadow: small, yet influential. I watch my feet step over aspens and move along the trail of dandelions. I hear my…

Wealth Is Wilderness

What is wealth? In my world of backpacking, wealth is warmth. Wealth is a campsite all to yourself. Wealth is time with the wilderness. Wealth is taking more than a day trip. It is a week to four months to a life immersed in the incredible. Wealth is imagination. To look at a dry canyon…

A Desert Soul

“You’re such a desert soul,” he said. What does that mean? Up until now I have been a mountain momma. I suppose I’m growing into new love, Expanding what I consider to be beautiful: Curvaceous rocks and hairy cacti, Twisty juniper bark and their spongey leaves, Slick white rock faces and dust in my shoes,…

“Adventure is about making the most of life. Adventure is more of an attitude than anything else. Surely you can find adventure anywhere.” Alastair Humphreys

How did you learn to write poetry?

I started to write short sentences in my notebook that only took up one line each. It challenged me to write more concisely. Writing less can say more. After a year or so, my notebook was full. I flipped through the completed pages and suddenly wondered,

“Wait…is this poetry?”

“True solitude is found in the virtue of hope. Our minds retain their clear view of what is good in creatures.” -Thomas Morton (No Man Is An Island)

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