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Writer based in Durango, Colorado

Content writer for Best Draft LLC

Public Lands Advocate

Wilderness Therapy Guide

Backpacker, climber, hiker and desert blazer

Empathic Adventuring

The quest for meaningful wandering begins with the avoidance of tourist traps, roadside attractions, resorts, and hotels.

It starts by sleeping in the dirt, the rain, the cold, and under the stars. It involves diving into the natural world with intention. It involves opening ourselves up to experience the full spectrum of emotional connection.

It requires curiosity, compassion, and a desire to leave the world not as we found it, but better.

Meaningful wandering includes connecting deeply with our world’s landscape and the “strange”rs that inhabit it.

I began to ask the people on my path, “what do you think the world needs more of?” and have been writing what answers I have gathered.

Through the exploration of our external world, we can begin to discover the world within.

States Visited so Far

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